'I Am G.S. 3, The Hague Killer' by Marcel van Eeden at GEM

Exhibitions / The Hague
17 May 2014 - 24 August 2014, 12pm - 6pm (Tues. - Sun.)

GEM (Gemeentemuseum Den Haag), Stadhouderslaan 43, 2517 HV
The Hague
+31 (0)70 338 1133
€: 8

GEM, part of the Gemeentemuseum in The Hague, will be presenting the second retrospective of Dutch visual artist Marcel van Eeden exploring his multi-media works that weave fact and fiction into complex, yet visually impressive criminological narratives in I Am G.S.3, The Hague Killer

About I Am G.S.3, The Hague Killer

In recent years, Marcel van Eeden has produced multiple series of drawings constructing stories based on both factual and imagined events. 

The stories he has chosen to create are often crime narratives in which the plot unravels through a set of drawings, shifting in and out of reality with each twist in events.

GEM has chosen to present a representative work of Van Eeden inspired by the real-life, unsolved murder of a German man named Frits Schallenberg, whose body was discovered in 1949 in the pond on Groot Hertoginnelaan, just blocks away from the museum. 

The fictional recreation features three characters: botanist K.M. Wiegand, archaeologist Oswald Sollmaann and psychiatrist Matheus Boryna.

Van Eeden then proceeds to involve these characters in an engaging plot, with each scene revealing more of a complex fictional universe. 

Along with drawings, Van Eeden also uses three-dimensional media to create a maze of a story for the visitor to navigate.

Just as the viewer believes they have lost the plot, the story becomes again understandable; each event creating connections between the three characters. 


i am the hague killer Van Eeden
Marcel van Eeden, N 50 51 40.9 E 324 1.3, 2013, Courtesy Galerie Zink, Berlin

i am the hague killer van eeden
Marcel van Eeden, The Zurich Trial. Part 1: Witness for the Prosecution, 2009, Courtesy Galerie Zink, Berlin

i am the hague killer eeden
Marcel van Eeden, The Zurich Trial. Part 1: Witness for the Prosecution, 2009. Courtesy Galerie Zink, Berlin

About Marcel van Eeden

A native of The Hague, Marcel van Eeden (b. 1965) graduated from The Hague's Royal Academy of Art (KABK) in 1993. 

Using only events that happened before his birth, Van Eeden bases his crime stories on old newspaper articles, magazines or books. His subjects of investigation are broad and include 1950s interiors, cartoons, news events and even abstract patterns or texts.

Living and working between Zurich and The Hague, Van Eeden frequently exhibits internationally, including at the 2006 Berlin Biennale.

In 2011, Van Eeden was ranked eighth of the top 100 most successful Dutch artists by Elsevier.

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