Dutch Electronic Art Festival (DEAF) 2014

Festivals / Rotterdam
May 21-24 2014, Various times

Various locations in Rotterdam
+31 (0)10 206 7279
€: Various prices

The Dutch Electronic Art Festival (DEAF) returns for its tenth edition with a rich and varied programme featuring seminars, lectures, exhibitions, workshops, concerts and performances addressing the overarching theme of the "progress trap."

About DEAF

Founded in 1994, DEAF has always aimed to be a platform for electronic art. Operating since 2012 as a biennale, DEAF has developed a partnership with Het Nieuwe Instituut to examine and map the quickly changing world of e-culture and science.

Through both various artistic media and technology, the festival seeks to question the idea of progress itself.

Featuring a network of architects, designers, artists, entrepreneurs, knowledge institutes and cultural organisations, DEAF maintains an interdisciplinary approach to analysing problems and illuminating themes related to the effect of technology on culture and society.

DEAF 2014: The progress trap

The theme for the 2014 DEAF biennale is the "progress trap."

As society continually strives for innovation, it seems that the underlying goal of improvement has been lost while "progress" has become a goal in itself. 

The "progress trap" is the name given to the fallacy stemming from the desire to innovate, where in reality adhereing solely to the goal of innovation may actually produce regrettable results.

"Potator" by PIPS:lab, Raymod Lemestra

deaf 2014
Thumb photo: 75 Watt by Revital Cohen and Tuur van Balen

Rather than addressing real developmental issues such as increasing happiness for a larger number of people, promoting a more stable climate or raising standards of living for society at large, the fixation (and associated investment) in innovation for innovation's sake has become the (empty) ambition.

DEAF examines this trap to better understand how the problem has arisen and what can be done to reconceive our notions of innovation/progress. 

Highlights of DEAF 2014

Main Exhibition. The Progress Trap featuring works by Revital Cohen, Tuur van Balen, Louis Phillipe Demers & Alicia Framis.

Evenings Of. Lecture series examining legendary thinkers and their ideas. 

Keynote speeches. Including presentations by Alexa Clay, Adam Greenfield and Ronald Wright tackling the pros and cons of progress throughout history. 

Seminars. Including Unprogrammable Behaviour, Drones and DIY Altopia

Performances. By Peter Edwards & Sybren Dans, Big Data Poetry, Roodkapje/Noodlebar and many more!


See information about the locations here.
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The full programme is available here.

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