'Volts' presented by the Orange Tea Theatre

Theater / Amsterdam
May 22-24 2014, 8.30pm Thu-Sat & at 3pm Sat

Melkweg, Lijnbaansgracht 234a, 1017 PH
+31 (0)62 386 5500
€: 15

The Orange Tea Theatre will be presenting their new performance piece Volts at Melkweg in Amsterdam!

About Volts

Written by Sam Morris, Volts is a piece that explores the 1960s era "obedience experiments" of Stanley Milgram and the impact of such work today. 

A psychologist at Yale University, Milgram conducted a series of studies focusing on the willingness of participants to obey authority figures when those orders were in conflict with their own conscience or beliefs.

To test this, the subject ("teacher") of the experiment was instructed by the experimenter (authority figure) to administer electric shocks to an individual (an actor dubbed the "learner") sitting in a separate room.

With each wrong answer, the experimenter would tell the subject to increase the voltage of the shock while a pre-recorded tape would play sounds of pain coming from the room where the learner was.

The subject was free to stop the experiment at any time, with only the urging of the experimenter motivating them to continue.

At the highest voltage, the learner would eventually go silent, leading the subject to believe that he or she had died.


Volts Melkweg

volts 2014 melkweg

A traumatic experience, Volts imagines a former experimental subject visiting Milgram and forcing him to go through his own experiment, uncovering a powerful tale of guilt, memory and torture. 

About the Orange Tea Theatre Company

Founded in 2011, the Orange Tea Theatre is the creation of Lora R. Mander and Sam Morris.

Noticing the lack of original English language theatre in the Dutch capital, the two teamed up to provide a platform for new plays and developing international actors. 

Other notable productions have included American Midget, Stag, Hertz, 99 Layoffs and I am I


Tickets are available for the performances on May 22, May 23 and May 24.

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