OpenCo Amsterdam 2014

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15 May 2014, 9am - 7.30pm

€: Free

After New York, San Francisco and London, OpenCo is now turning the city of Amsterdam into a Stage!

On May 15, you get a chance to visit Amsterdam’s hottest and most happening companies so you can see for yourself what innovation really looks like.

What is OpenCo?

OpenCo is an inside-out innovation festival with the vibe of a music festival and the charm of an artist's open studio. What makes OpenCo different from all other festivals?

No central location

Each participating company hosts the conference on their own premises. You create your own festival as you move through the city. Only at the end of the day will you meet all the other participants to share war-stories and inspiration.

Innovation in all its shapes & forms

A diverse line-up of companies: large, small, old, new, local, international, high-tech, low-tech. The one thing they have in common is that they are innovators, disruptors or game changers.

Free & open for all

Tickets are free, but limited so register now!

openco amsterdam participants

Note: Certain presentations will be in English while others will be in Dutch. To be sure, check the descriptions!


Register now to see over 50 innovators in their own habitat. Registration is free and open for all!

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